Bulk Storage Systems

Steel Feed, Grain Storage & Processing Facilities

There are three (3) Tom-Cin Metals pre-engineered bin walls to choose from. Each with different design characteristics to best fit the needs of the customer’s product and storage requirements.

Baffle Style Wall

Tom-Cin Metals’ bolt together storage bin in the single “baffle” stiffener style is the most common style used in feed milling applications. This wall is ideally suited for overhead storage of dry free flowing materials. This bin design is very flexible and can be configured in a variety of ways utilizing 2’ to 12’ wide panels for modular layouts of square or rectangular bin arrangements. This bin design features large 45 degree corners, chamfered hopper valleys and requires stiffeners only on one (1) side of each wall. Bins
can be set-up for future expansion in mind for ease of adding additional bins to at a later date when more capacity or products is required.

Corrugated Style Wall

Tom-Cin Metals’ formed corrugated wall style bins, are more suited for seeds, whole grains or larger granular free flowing material. This bin utilizes pre-formed and welded wall panels from 4’ to 12’ wide and up to 30’ tall in a single wall section. (Taller bin walls are available in multiple wall tiers.) This bin wall can also be configured in a variety of ways for square or rectangular bolted module arrangements and can be set-up for future expansion in mind.

Double Panel Style Wall

Tom-Cin Metals’ double wall style is the newest wall design and was created for customers with dry, but difficult material. This bin utilizes preassembled double panel wall units with hidden structural stiffeners and fasteners. This bin design features stackable, overlapping wall units, narrow profile and a very clean bolted design. This bin can also be supplied in multiple panel widths and configurations. Future expansion capabilities come standard with this style bin wall. As an additional option/feature, bin wall panels can be internally insulated.

Along with the above pre-engineered wall designs, Tom-Cin Metals will also provide custom smaller single or multiple welded bins. When dry material storage is required contact Tom-Cin Metals, Inc. to discuss options.