Tom-Cin Metals The Convertible Gate Experts

Tom-Cin Metals, Inc. gates are as tough and rugged as they are dependable and versatile. Tom-Cin gates are designed to handle a wide variety of free-flowing granular products. These gates can be requested in a range of materials from mild steel, galvanized steel, or even stainless steel. You can choose from our standard size configurations ranging from 8″ square to 36″ square or request a custom configuration to fit your requirements. We also offer a lot of customer choice options for our standard configurations. You can order our gates with a wide variety of operators as well, ranging from manual operation to hydraulic cylinders. Take a few minutes to look at some of our more common arrangements below, then contact us for more information on the gate that would best fit your project. Heavy-duty options are also available.

Manual Operated Slide Gate

Tom-Cin manual gates are operated with a basic hand wheel or chain wheel that is lightweight and durable, made from cast aluminum. These gates utilize a matched rack and pinion gear set that ride on flanged self-aligning ball bearings matched with ample sealed ball bearing rollers. These features ensure smooth and easy operation.

Air Cylinder Operated Slide Gate

Tom-Cin air-operated gates are operated with air cylinders and an air control solenoid valve. The cylinder rod is connected directly to the flow control plate to ensure the direct application of power and compact design. There are many optional end-of-travel indicators that a customer can choose from as well as electrical requirements.

Electric Motor Operated Slide Gate

Tom-Cin electric motor operated gates feature the same matched rack and pinion gear set and bearings as our manual gates but utilize am electric 3 phase, 230/460 volt, 60 cycle motor with a 90-degree gear reducer as its operator. There are many optional end travel indicators that a customer can choose from as well as electrical requirements. Motor starters are not included.

Electric Linear Slide Gate

Tom-Cin electric linear actuator gate is the gate of choice when accurate positioning is essential. Its optional 4-20 mA position transmitter makes it perfect for computerized processes or programmable control systems. It comes in 115V, 1Ph, or 230/460V 3 Ph. A cast aluminum housing and all metal gearing make this actuator as rugged and dependable as it is precise.