Custom Products

We specialize in custom fabrication

Tom-Cin Metals is your full service custom metal fabricator. At Tom-Cin Metals, you will find highly trained people with a commitment to quality, and our 65,000 square foot facility filled with state-of-the-art equipment designed to meet your demands.

Since 1981, Tom-Cin Metals has manufactured, and marketed products for several industries including tactical Military and fire equipment, Automotive, Paper mills and converters, material handling and packaging, and structural steel design.

We offer several state of the art pieces of equipment ranging from 3 lasers with lights out capability, several press brakes with the largest having a 14’ bed at 242 tons to a 3D laser measuring device to assure the accuracy of your product.

All welders at Tom-Cin Metals are certified to AWS and state structural D1.1 unlimited standards and take great pride and commitment to ensure top quality weldments, adhering to our customer’s specifications. We offer MIG and TIG welding of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

As your company grows, we also have a great capacity for growth. We are dedicated to producing top quality products in a just-in-time environment.

We can handle your entire project, from drafting through fabrication and shipping to your facility. Please consider Tom-Cin Metals for your next project. We will provide you with a prompt and competitive proposal.

Examples of Custom Fabrication: