Micro Systems

Tom-Cin Metals Micro Systems

The Tom-Cin Metals Micro System is built to fit the customer’s requirements, from our standard 6 bin to 24 bin configurations, to a custom design. Tom–Cin Metals is the best choice for your facility.

Each Tom-Cin Micro Bin is constructed as an individual complete unit with feeder and drive package. Each unit is designed with three vertical sides and chamfered corners for better flow and improved clean out. All product contact surfaces are constructed using stainless steel materials.

Feeders are designed with variable pitch flighting at inlet and double wrapped at discharge for a more consistent and controlled flow of material. Feeders are driven by a 3- phase, 60 cycle, 230 volt, TENV, Dodge/Reliance C-face motor and reducer combo, set-up with a quick connect/disconnect plug-in to a common power strip. This allows each bin unit to be removed with ease for inventory weighing or cleaning.

The scale is constructed from stainless steel material and is designed for optimum clean out with ample access panels for inspection and general cleaning. Product weighing is controlled by four (4) S-type load cells matched to system for accuracy and dependability. To discharge the scale system, a Tom-Cin stainless steel air operated slide gate was chosen for quick and complete discharge as well as dependability.

The Micro System can be constructed for above floor or in-floor installation. Systems can also be networked or function as a stand–alone unit. Other options include discharge conveyor and auto-fill tote systems.

Examples Micro Systems Past Projects: